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Dermocare SA

73A chemin de Valérie

1292 Chambésy


Phone 0848 22 00 33

Fax 0848 22 00 55

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QUALITY, SECURITY and TRACEABILITY! How many times do you hear or read one of these three words every day?

In your day to day business, your desire is to apply the best practices of your profession. Those you have learned, and as your business develops, those that others ask you to implement.

The problem is that to move from theory to practice, goodwill and professional discipline are just not enough. The resources must exist, they must be easy to apply and at reasonable cost.

There has been no satisfactory answer in the case of the distribution of oral dosage forms. The industry does its best to provide a presentation that is suitable, but there is still a lot to be done, and what needs to happen in the case of the products you manufacture yourself? Not everyone can invest several thousand francs in an infrastructure that is under-used.

We are finally offering you the solution. PRACTICAL, EASY TO USE and at REASONABLE COST.

The customizable blister that can be used per unit, without sophisticated logistics, that meets the threefold need: QUALITY, SECURITY and TRACEABILITY.

We have developed a blister that you can produce as a single unit, without a machine and the results of which meet all the requirements you are ever likely to be faced with. Several customers (in particular hospitals) have already adopted this concept.

For the moment, we are offering a standard product that lets you produce most solid oral forms, with the option of adding 5, 25 character lines of text (one line being for the barcode). Our most active customers are helping us improve our product and we will soon be able to offer a yet wider range (in terms of colour and size).

A hospital study concerning the number of unsuitable oral forms has just been completed. We will be able to provide you with this study very shortly.

What do you really need? A blister, a label, media and a label printer (if you don't have one already).

Look us up on our website: where there is information on our prices, how to use our product (including photos) and where it can be obtained.

With a view to performance, we have established an association with the labelling specialist, BEST-PACK SA who provide distribution logistics for our product.

If you have any questions you can contact us by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We are totally convinced that our solution will enable you to meet the most stringent requirements and will finally offer you a product that is completely suitable for your needs.